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About Us

The Wageningen Alternative Protein Project was founded in 2020 by a group of passionate and driven students at Wageningen University. Powered by the Good Food Institute, we focus on promoting education, research, and innovation in the field of alternative proteins. Curious about our work?

Check out our past and future projects!

Our mission & vision

Boost the transition to a more sustainable food system

The Wageningen Alt Protein Project is a student association that operates under the Good Food Institute, with the objective of boosting knowledge and interaction on alternative proteins to the students of Wageningen University.


We are aware of how crucial universities and their students are in reaching a higher standard of sustainability, food security and equality of access to food in a global system. To maximise our impact, we work by creating a network between the main stakeholders in this field: companies, researchers, policy makers and students.

Meet the Team

The project involves more than 20 members today, all of us students at Wageningn University and Research in The Netherlands. We cover different areas of interest including food technology, organic agriculture, biotechnology and nutrition and health sciences.


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